Welcome to Tribal Adventure
You can travel all over the world and still not learn to appreciate the simple things and essence of life. In a world with environmental struggle after visiting the Mentawai you will see that all progress is transient.

The simplest and yet one of the most advanced cultures on earth. Mentawai; Keepers of the rainforest.

Tribal adventure is a social enterprise offering short adventure breaks and tribal expeditions to the Mentawai islands and indigenous peoples. You can experience our very own unique resort on a private desert island for relaxation when you are not out trekking to visit the local indigenous peoples.

Tribal Adventure is based in the UK but we sell worldwide and offer a 14 day short adventure break or 4-6 week expeditions for larger groups which are both exciting and educational.

Up until the mid 1980’s for many of the Mentawai Money was no object, they simply and often still do barter for goods and services after hunting and gathering in the pristine forests.
Planning to surf Mentawai? please visit our surf booking website www.ummamaonu.com
Trekking excursions can be booked on arrival as an addition if you wish especially if the swell is low.