About Us
Tribal adventure (a social enterprise) was established to offer travellers something truly unique whilst giving something back to the community. The adventure expedition parties who visit the Mentawai can fulfil projects both on Maonu and in the villages visited including teaching English, DIY projects, horticulture and conservation.

Siberut Island is the largest of the Mentawai Islands off the west coast of Sumatra. Apart from a primitive coastal road the main lines of travel are the Islands Rivers. The locals travel by dug-out canoe and are not rushed by the stresses of modern life. You will gain an insight into an ancient culture.

Itineraries for travellers are flexible but you will be helped in order to gain the most out of their tribal experience. If in an expedition party, you will have a western leader and an Indonesian leader and translator in addition to a cook and boat driver/navigator.

Short 14 day adventure breaks include an English speaking guide and cooked meals throughout your stay on Siberut and Maonu.